Sustainia 100 for 2015 is already out and it includes a Belgian invention

The Danish non-profit organisation Sustainia has published its list of the top 100 sustainable solutions for 2015. The list focuses on positive climate impact and contains many other inspiring case studies. One of them is a Belgian invention, namely the Wakati tent.

The latest issue of Sustainia 100 contains 100 new (for you too!) inspiring stories about innovation and provides an impressive overview of new products, services, business models and initiatives that can help us achieve a sustainable world. The solutions originate from the areas of construction, ICT, urban development, raw materials, fashion, education, healthcare, transport, nutrition and energy. It's about new ways of saving water, managing waste, building homes and safeguarding the food chain, and which are already being used in over 151 different countries. The top 100 were selected from more than 1,500 projects and activities from six continents. In addition to sustainability, it emerges that affordability and ease of reuse, recycling and recapturing models are also relevant.

Made in Belgium

A Belgian project has also been included in this issue: the Wakati by product developer Arne Pauwels. This special kind of tent makes it possible to store food over longer periods. Each tent can keep 150 kg of food fresh for eight days. A solar panel provides enough energy to covert water into vapour, which in turn ensures that fruit and vegetables stored in the tent remain fresh for longer periods. It is therefore an ideal solution for high temperature areas that have no access to electricity.

(Photo: Wakati)