Suppliers demonstrate durable restoration and cleaning in the harbour of Antwerp

They came in a group of ten - technology vendors bringing their sustainable restoration and cleaning proposals to the Port House in Antwerp on November 5. They did so at the request of the project partners of the i-SuPORT project, which includes Sirris.

The cleaning aspect was covered by presentations from Phibo Industries about soda and slurry blasting, dry blasting techniques and the innovative sublimation process. Blasting Work Linssen showed the advantages of dry ice blasting while Kemet Europe were persuasive about ultrasonic cleaning. Laser cleaning was proposed by P-Laser / Mitraco. Some of the companies participating in the i-SuPORT project had in fact already tested this laser-based technology. With regard to restoration, the following technologies were discussed: AMW Industry for HVOF (high velocity oxygen-fuel spraying), Plasmajet for plasma spraying, Advanced Coating for cold spray, VITO’s Lasercentrum Vlaanderen (LCV) for laser cladding and Castolin for plasma transferred arc.

The audience for these presentations consisted of companies from the Antwerp harbour area who wanted to get an idea of the benefits and applications of these technologies in a single afternoon.

When the presentations were finished, those present discussed the types of organisation that could increase the sector’s competitiveness by facilitating the deployment of these innovative technologies.


The i-SuPORT project aims to breathe new life into to the Flemish maintenance & servicing sector. This would include ship repair companies facing fierce international competition. In support of its objectives, namely to familiarise the harbour-based maintenance industries with sustainable alternative technologies for cleaning and restoration, the project is supported by the Flemish government via the New Industrial Policy programme, which itself forms part of Flanders in Action.

The following companies are participating in the project in addition to the organising partners Antwerp Port Authority, VITO and Sirris: ABC Diesel, Balliu, Bartholomeeussen, Carron Marine, Cofely Fabricom Belgian Operations, Idp Shipyard, Mitraco, Werkhuizen Frans Stevens, MAN Diesel&Turbo Benelux, BASF Antwerpen, REM-B Hydraulics and AMW Industrie.  

You can find the presentations given in the 5 November 2014 session here.  

Companies from the harbour areas are invited to watch and listen to demonstrations by ten suppliers of sustainable state-of-the-art technologies for cleaning and repair on 5 November.