Streamlined processes for a streamlined kitchen

Emmanuel Fraeye, established in Ardooie, designs, builds and installs custom kitchens. To complete every project on time without any loss of quality, the company has streamlined its business processes with the help of Sirris.

The design and installation of kitchens and interiors is extremely complex. A wide range of expertise and many different contracting parties are involved. So it is not surprising that this process is prone to errors and delays. Two problems that can be avoided completely if everyone always has the right information at the right time and if the processes are optimised. A team of employees achieved this by working together with Sirris.

Numerous refinements

To reduce the chance of errors to a minimum, the company’s employees carried out some important improvements. To avoid misunderstandings and missing information they refined the project templates they were using. They also improved the communication between the relevant departments by building in weekly reviews. This is where the planning, the concept development and the final design are evaluated.

The processes in the design and engineering bureaus were also refined. This included introducing a planning board so that the service workers always know which tasks are coming their way. Moreover, some fixed design elements were standardized so that the same work does not have to be repeated.

It can always be done better

Thanks to the joint efforts of the employees, the processes within the company are now already much more streamlined. But there is always room for improvement. That’s why some office workers put their heads together every week to improve the processes and tackle any areas for improvement. This is done using a visual board on which the improvement actions are tracked using post-it notes.

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