Stay one step ahead with Factory of the Future Awards

Even if you cannot take part, it may be worth it to come to the Factory of the Future Awards, because of the instructive processes the participating businesses went through and which they want to share with the 300 people who registered. Besides, your attendance to the event has some other interesting benefits! 

Manufacturing companies can make all their production ‘future proof’ by anticipating now on the changes that take place under the name ‘Industrie 4.0’. Find out exactly what this means during the Factory of the Future Awards.

That is also the reason why Industrie 4.0 - the tendency of automation, digitalisation and data exchange in production technologies - is the focus of the keynote by Gunter Beitinger, Vice-President & Plant Manager of the Siemens plant in Amberg. Our businesses operate in a continuous and quickly changing world and Industrie 4.0 will define their future. The Made Different action programme, set up by Sirris and Agoria, helps companies to become a ‘Factory of the Future’. The tendencies and evolutions of Industrie 4.0 are also fully integrated in the set-up of Made Different. 

Impact on Awards Winners

During the event you will also find out what it means to win such a much-wanted award and what you need to win it. All winners of previous editions will be present and ready to answer all your questions. Two of them will present a testimonial. 

We asked winners of previous years what their experiences were and we heard the following positive messages: 

The participating companies undergo an audit in seven work areas by specialists in those work areas. This assessment already proved to be very enriching. This is how they gained insight in new chances and ideas, in their own weaknesses and improvement possibilities. 

Competing for a price is already fun in itself. Actually winning the award was an enormous boost for the motivation, pride and self-confidence of personnel, from production to supporting services and management, which continued to echo in the company for quite some time. It confirmed that they were doing things right. Absenteeism levels even went down. The employees’ sense of participation and innovation was roused. 

The image of award-winning companies was definitely boosted: both existing and new customers, but also partners, other (larger) companies and other departments abroad were given a strong sign. Winning an award strengthened the image home and abroad. The extensive media coverage also contributed to their brand awareness. 

They are not only a source of inspiration for other companies, but a lot can be learned from the process that leads to the award. It allows people to expand their network with like-minded colleague-businesses and via these contacts more can be learned than from expensive and rather technical consultants. 

In the meantime more than 300 companies have registered for the award ceremony on 2 February. You haven’t yet? Don’t hesitate: join us, learn how other did it and take part next year!