From start-ups to major groups, over 4,000 exhibitors are defining the future at the CES - Consumer Electronics Show.

The WebTomorrow 2016 event will take place in Ghent on Thursday 16 June. Sirris will be present as a partner to show the way from start-up to scale-up.

Sirris supports the government project to promote Flemish entrepreneurship. Our focus: innovative digital players who want to expand quickly.

In the US a handful of former PayPal employees are behind the start of a number of large technology companies. Is our Belgian start-up ecosystem also concentrated around a number of key figures? Sirris went to find out.Looking like a bunch of gangsters, they appeared in Fortune Magazine in the US in 2007: ex-PayPal employees who, following the sale of the software company, put their weight behind technology stars such as YouTube, Yelp, LinkedIn, Yammer, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. They have been known as the ‘PayPal mafia’ ever since.Our country also has a blossoming start-up scene with a