We are in the middle of a big shift in the way people use and buy software. The decision making has shifted from the buyer to the user. This strategy is called product-led growth (PLG) and it enables companies to quickly scale in a capital-efficient manner.

In this hot summer time, speaking about ice cream refers more to vacation than business.

On 19 December 2018 thirty business people met in Mechelen for a breakfast meeting. They were invited by Scaleup.vlaanderen for a learning network meeting. All the business people had in common that they each had more than one million euros in capital, or had generated more than one million euros in recurring revenues.

Belgium is in a very favourable position when it comes to ManuTech start-ups and scale-ups. The brand-new study on the ManuTech start-up landscape in Belgium and Europe conducted by Sirris and Agoria shows this is the case. What should we do to make the most of this unique opportunity? You can find all information on this topic in a double interview with Omar Mohout, Entrepreneurship Fellow at Sirris, and Ben Van Roose, Head Manufacturing Industries at Agoria.

On 25 June Sirris expert Omar Mohout and Dado Van Peteghem present their book 'Corporate Venturing', about how to accelerate growth through cooperation with start-ups.

How do you become a scale-up? Many start-ups ask this same question. That is why Scaleup.vlaanderen wants to gather testimonies from start-ups currently looking to scale up. Their story can inspire you to write your own story. Yesplan is the first one to take the stage.

Sirris is active in the development of new products for companies and startups.

Only the future will be able to tell whether the years 2010-2016 will go down in history as the digital equivalent of the punk era. The Sturm und Drang which characterised the punk period in the 1970s eventually came to an end at the close of that decade.

Large businesses have the resources, start-ups the innovations: so how can they work together to bring about growth? This will be the key question at the third Scale-up Corporate Venturing meet-up, organised by Sirris and Agoria on 26 April. Why not come along and hear what various inspirational speakers from corporates and start-ups have to say on the subject?

3D printing

Are you itching to do something with 3D printing and looking for ideas or partners? Do you want to implement a new business idea and are you wondering how your product can be manufactured? Sirris recently launched a service aimed at start-ups wanting success with these innovative technologies.