Starter Kits help companies start to innovate with data

The loads of data companies generate every day can be used to innovate. Therefore, the data a company manipulates or has access to needs to be exploited. For two years now the Data Innovation Group of Sirris helps you with this. Its latest move is the launch of EluciDATA Starter Kit Portal.

The EluciDATA project, led by the Data Innovation Group of Sirris, aims to facilitate the industrial uptake of data innovation. More precisely, these are innovations that become possible thanks to exploiting the data a company manipulates or has access to.

This is achieved by:

  • analysing the specific data-innovation-related needs and challenges of the industrial partners involved

  • realising reference demonstrators that illustrate data innovations in a concrete and tangible fashion

  • organising master classes and events on relevant data topics, such as feature engineering and visualisation

  • investigating the applicability and reliability of existing technological solutions in industrial settings

  • initiating and preparing industry-driven collaborative R&D proposals, and establishing structural collaborations between companies and technology experts

  • converting industrial data-related use cases into master thesis and internship proposals, and supervising students during their in-company internships, ...

Launch of Starter Kit Portal

On 6 December, the project partners, together with the members of the user group and a representative from VLAIO, celebrated the EluciDATA project's two year anniversary.

Next to testimonials of industrial partners about how EluciDATA supported them, the highlight of the meeting was the session devoted to the launching of the EluciDATA Starter Kit Portal. A starter kit allows companies to start with data innovation at a faster pace, illustrating the potential of data innovation for a specific use case by demonstrating how to realise it using common data science methodologies on (open) data.  The starter kits are elaborated in close cooperation with the members of the EluciDATA user group and are based on concrete industrial use cases in two domains: "entity profiling and recommendation" and "predictive analytics and forecasting". The first starter kits on “Resource demand forecasting” and “Product usage tracking for improved service planning” are available as of now.

Would you like to have further information on the EluciDATA project or the EluciDATA Starter Kit Portal? Don't hesitate to contact the Sirris Data Innovation team!