Smart Coating Application Lab on the road - ‘Protect your product!’

Materials, process components and end-products are increasingly given extra, built-in functionality thereby providing added value. What opportunities does this offer? What kinds of functionality can be given? And how can surface treatment improve your profit margins? In a series of roadshows and company events the Smart Coating Application Lab will introduce you to surface treatments and coatings. The second roadshow starts on 12 February 2015.  

The theme of the second roadshow is 'Protect your product!' During the workshop the Sirris experts will demonstrate the surface treatments possible using a whole range of substrate materials for protecting products and tools.

The programme includes lectures about galvanizing and plating, using 'sol-gel' coatings for protection and the dry application of protective layers such as PVD, CVD and thermal spraying.

The first day of the roadshow is again linked to a live event, where we zoom into companies who give testimonies about specific innovations and applications. This is done by way of interviews with communications expert Werner Couck.

Want to know more? For practical information and registering for the event, please click here.