Smart Coating Application Lab on the road - Innovative functional coatings

With increasing frequency, materials, process components or end products are given an extra built-in functionality to enhance their value. What are the possibilities? What functionalities can be achieved? And how can a surface treatment increase your profit margin? The Smart Application Lab introduces you to surface treatments and coatings in a series of roadshows and company testimonials. The third roadshow is to take place on 11 June 2015, during the Eurofinish exhibition in Leuven.

The previous two editions of the roadshow were conceived to provide a general explanation of a number of existing techniques that have been assimilated, focusing on a central theme. This third roadshow will deal with 'innovative functional coatings'. This theme delves deeper into the more innovative side of applying coatings, taken in a broad sense.

The programme covers various topics, including plasma coating, powder coating, smart coatings, structuring surfaces as well as the latest innovations within the Smart Coating Application Lab.

A live event is also being linked to this one-day roadshow, in which the focus lies on specific innovations and applications, based on testimonials from companies through interviews conducted by communications expert, Werner Couck.

Would you like to know more? You will find practical information and the opportunity to register here.

Since this roadshow is taking place during Eurofinish, a leading trade fair for surface treatment, registering also provides you access to this fair.