Joey Bosmans

The Sirris Coating Lab has recently purchased a TQC Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester to perform scrub abrasion and washability tests on coated materials.

Philippe Brunain

The two Sirris sites in Diepenbeek took part in the Open Companies Day on Sunday 2 October. Visitors were able to tour through the new infrastructure for coatings, precision production and automation and were shown numerous inspiring applications made possible by these technologies.

Heidi Van den Rul

The fifth smart coating roadshow takes place at our location in Diepenbeek on 30 September. In addition to the presentation of various, popular coatings, a visit has also be arranged to our smart coating infrastructure.

Heidi Van den Rul

Sirris presented to the public its brand new infrastructure for smart coating on 12 April: the Smart Coating Application Laboratory in Diepenbeek now disposes of a spray booth with a teach-by-demonstration robot. Laboratory experts gave the 150 visitors live demonstrations of the various robot functionalities.