SLIPS Technologies presents ultra-smooth surfaces

On 12 April the new infrastructure and a new edition of the roadshow will open at our Diepenbeek site. The American startup Slips Technologies will be contributing to both events: the keynote address at the opening event and a more technical exposition during the roadshow. A very smooth process has already been guaranteed!

What does SLIPS Technologies stand for? This Harvard-based startup has tackled sticky substances by developing a coating system that makes extremely smooth surfaces possible. It ensures that structured surfaces remain smooth and clean while liquids flow over them. 

This offers a solution for many sectors of industry, for the medical world and for consumer goods. Viscous fluids stick to containers, shellfish to ships’ hulls, plastics to moulds, ice to refrigerator parts, bacteria to medical devices, ... these are all common problems. 

SLIPS stands for 'slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces’. The new, self-healing surface technology offers advantages that include savings on energy costs and less downtime, less waste, lower consumption of water and fuel, better functionality and durability, improved health, less organic pollution, optimum maintainability ... 

Would you like to know more about this exceptional innovation from the US? Then you must come to Diepenbeek on 12 April! The programme, practical information and the registration form can be found in our agenda

What's more, we offer you the opportunity to discuss your application with SLIPS Technologies scientists in a personal discussion. For this, we are organising one-to-one meetings for 13 April. Would you like to take advantage of this unique opportunity? Then get in touch with me to select a good a time! 

Anyone who wants to know more about SLIPS surfaces can read up on Techniline.