Sirris takes part in Red Bull Soapbox Race

On 10 September five of our experts will represent Sirris at the Red Bull Soapbox Race at Kluisbergen. They will participate with a soap box designed and made by their own hands.

Under the name "Sirris Da Vinci" our five inventors unite their knowledge and expertise, making use of the available additive manufacturing infrastructure among others, to build an extraordinary soapbox. For this project they found their inspiration in Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions among others.

The 'Sirris Da Vinci’ team wants to reach the finish with a soapbox, designed and built by their own hands. Of course, their ultimate goal is to win the race, but they can’t do this on their own. Therefore we want you to come to Kluisbergen and cheer for our team! You can already follow the building process of ‘Sirris Da Vinci’ on the Facebook fan page. You can give them an extra boost by voting on the website Red Bull Soapbox Race website. With their innovative ideas and your support, they will fly to the finish line.