Sirris surprises with original design and use of materials at soapbox race

The Red Bull soapbox race is now finished, the results are in and our Sirris Da Vinci's maiden trip was a success. Many people were interested in our soapbox, including Belgian rally driver Thierry Neuville. No wonder, as our staff created a unique vehicle by combining several new technologies.

Both the design and its construction contained a few original ideas: the steering was inspired on the steering principle of a skateboard, bamboo was used and we were probably the first team to ever use additive manufacturing in the construction of our race car. This allowed the team to demonstrate, in a rather unexpected context, what the possibilities are of the technologies we develop and apply. 

Watch how the Sirris team experienced this exciting day in the following video:


The different technologies used in the Sirris race car can be discovered in previous blog posts:  

Sirris Da Vinci’s ‘bella macchina’ is ready to roll!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Sirris takes part in Red Bull Soapbox Race  

More than 700 teams registered for the sixth edition of the Red Bull soapbox race in Kluisbergen. The jury selected 65 participating teams from all the initial registrations. Watched by about 30,000 spectators most of the home-made cars reached the finish, either or not in one piece.