Sirris presents precision milling with hard metals

Precision in the manufacturing industries is becoming increasingly important. This is why Sirris is organising a workshop about precision processing that will be presented in cooperation with manufacturer Union Tool and distributor Diatool. The workshop is about milling hard metals on a precision milling machine.

Precision in manufacturing not only raises the levels of process control, but also guarantees a stronger competitive position thanks to new production technologies. Precision creates a processing challenge when milling hard metals for example. In this case milling is the counterpart to grinding and sparks flying.

The workshop includes a theoretical part about milling a hard metal ('cemented carbide'), a demonstration on the Fehlman Versa P825 precision milling machine by Sirris and an explanation of the services offered by Sirris on the issue of 'machine accuracy and precision'. This will be followed by a guided tour of the Sirris Precision and Smart Manufacturing Lab

Would you like to join this workshop? Click here for more practical information, the workshop programme and workshop registration.

This workshop is being organised within the scope of the IWT project 'VIS Precision Manufacturing'.