Sirris is presenting four topical Expert Classes at MTMS-Machineering

The biannual MTMS Machineering exhibition taking place this year between 22 and 24 March at Brussels Expo will be presenting visitors with what suppliers and their partners have to offer for dealing with the transformations that will be taking place in production, assembly and supplies during the run up to 2020.

MTMS-Machineering is all about machine tools, production machinery and industrial components for production, engineering, maintenance, planning, R&D, quality, safety, supply chain, logistics and IT. The  MTMS part includes transformation technologies for all types of materials, while Machineering covers everything you need to know about setting up a production or assembly line, starting right from the engineering and prototyping phase, through to choosing materials and components that together eventually lead to a high quality product. Fourteen Expert Classes, completely free-of-charge, are also being offered in addition to the actual exhibition itself:

On Wednesday 22 March Tom Jacobs will be presenting 'Machining 4.0: generating and using data to guide and adjust production processes' and Olivier Malek will be presenting 'Laser texturing creates surfaces with added functionalities'.

On Thursday 23 March Krist Mielnik will be presenting 'Lead time reduction for prototype gears thanks to 5-axis precision milling' and Sven De Troy will be presenting 'Prototypes and small batches of sheet metal parts using Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF)'.

Further information is available on the exhibition website.