Sirris is organising a foundry technology course in six modules

At the request of foundries and their customers, Sirris is organising a course on foundry technology. The course provides you in-depth and practical knowledge on all technology and production related aspects important to casting. The teachers boast years of practical experience and knowledge acquired, which is also reflected in the course’s content and material.

The manufacturing industry is getting ready for tomorrow, and the foundry sector is not being left behind. After all, cast products remain an important basis for a great many end products. This is why Sirris is lending support to this sector and its customers, through all kinds of initiatives including investment in two new ovens last year, and now the foundry technology course for foundry employees and their customers.

In this course, Sirris is bringing together expertise and knowledge built up over decades. The teachers are primarily internal foundry specialists, although a number of external specialists from the business world are also responsible for parts of the course.

The course is made up of six modules and is aimed at advanced technicians, engineers starting out, foundries, foundry customers, etc. In order to test your knowledge gained during the course, free exams are also being provided, in consultation with the teachers following each module. You then receive an examination certificate.

You will find more information on this course here.