Sirris investigates vibration-free machining of complex shapes

It is very important to prevent tool vibrations and unstable processes when machining complex products. The phenomena produce poor product finishes and heavy loads on tools resulting in rapid wear.  For these reasons Sirris joined a European research project for controlling the process in a more integrated way.

These effects are significant and more difficult to control with new and hard materials, complex components and features that are difficult to achieve, so that it is often necessary to use tools with long protuberances. When working with moulds or rapid-manufacturing components, it is therefore quite a challenge to manage the process properly.

Adaptive control for vibration-free working

The new European 'Dynatool' project is going to take an integrated approach to controlling the process. The envisaged innovation covers four domains:

  • The development of new tool geometries and coatings
  • The integration of simple sensors in tools, holders, spindles and clamping systems
  • Implementing vibration at the machining table in order to lower the forces
  • Simulation of the process

This should lead to an adaptive control system that allows complex products using new and hard materials to be machined vibration-free, resulting in high levels of quality.  Higher productivity, longer tool life, lower costs and higher levels of quality are anticipated.

Make use of international knowledge, totally free-of-charge!

The project is a collaboration between Austrian, German and Belgian knowledge institutions and universities. Further-reaching research will be done thanks to the synergy. Flemish SMEs can participate in the steering group free-of-charge. The results are presented every six months and companies can provide test cases for validating the research results.

Would you like to join? Please contact Tom Jacobs!

This projects starts on 1 January 2015 and runs for two years and is supported by IWT.

In Belgium both Sirris and the PMA department at KU Leuven will be participating.