Sirris expert Omar Mohout appointed to the advisory board at Inventive Designers

The Antwerp software company Inventive Designs wants to grow internationally in the area of SaaS, but does not have sufficient know-how in-house to do it properly. Therefore an external advisory board was set up together with Sirris, who over the coming two years will support the company in taking its initial steps as a SaaS company. Sirris expert Omar Mohout is a member of the dynamic team.

Inventive Designers are among the top global companies when it comes to digital communications. The company employs more than 40 people and is managed by Joke Dehond and Klaas Bals, who also happens to be her husband and CTO. Following the initial contacts with SaaS (Software as a Service) and participation in a boot camp about the subject that was organised by Sirris for this company it became clear that the future lay in SaaS: they didn't just want to become pioneers in the world of SaaS, but also wanted to grow to a global level.

However, in order to achieve this a number of 'blind spots' had to be removed. Therefore in collaboration with Sirris it was decided to set up an advisory board consisting of various, specifically selected profiles who meet a couple of times each year over a period of two years in order to prepare the company for the next step.

Sirris worked out a specific methodology for coming up with just the right composition on the advisory board. A short list of possible candidates was drawn up based on Inventive Designers' needs and ambitions. Following the initial introductions, the advisory board officially came together for the first time at the end of January. 

The advisory board also includes Omar Mohout from Sirris, because of his knowledge and experience with starting up SaaS activities. For many years now he has been coaching and advising companies and he speaks and publishes regularly on the subject of operating in the ICT sectors. Another member of the advisory board is Pieter Casneuf, CEO at Adam Software. He was previously business unit manager at Domo Group and later became CEO of the Advalvas Group. 

The aim of the board is the breakthrough and growth of the Inventive Designers product overseas. Inventive Designers already has customers in twenty different countries and according to Omar Mohout the company also has the potential to operate globally, which would result in doubling revenues.

Would you like to find out more about the methodology used by Sirris to set up an advisory board? The next Techniline article goes into more detail.