Sirris Da Vinci’s ‘bella macchina’ is ready to roll!

Our five-strong constructor team is putting the finishing touches on the Sirris soapbox ahead of the Red Bull Soapbox Race this coming Sunday. Having already produced a prototype and made the first few parts, the Da Vinci team has spent the last few days working on the connectors that will hold the soapbox’s bamboo structure together, and assembling their creation.

The polyamide connectors may be small, but they play a vital role: they connect the bamboo rods that form the soapbox’s structure. Although their differing positions on the soapbox’s frame mean they vary in shape, the connectors were all produced at the same time, highlighting yet another benefit of additive manufacturing: it enables small series of different parts to be made at the same time.

Another key component of the soapbox is its seat. It, too, is also made out of polyamide, and special care was taken over its design.

The parts used to mount the wheels (the steering knuckles) are made of titanium, which our team chose for two reasons: titanium parts can be made quickly, and are also very robust. They need to both bear the driver’s weight (not that he weighs very much!) and, perhaps more importantly, cope with the challenging conditions on the racetrack.

Now that all the parts have been made, assembled and fastened in place (without glue), Sirris Da Vinci’s ‘bella macchina’ is ready to roll! 

Head on over to Kluisbergen this coming Sunday, 10 September to see the Sirris Da Vinci soapbox whizz through the course, and meet the five Sirris colleagues who dreamed up and designed this little masterpiece that blends natural and high-tech materials, design and technology, and passion and expertise. 


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