Sirris celebrates 20 years of looking into the future in the Liège Science Park!

On September 18 Sirris will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of moving to Seraing. It is therefore an ideal time in the company of Walloon minister Jean-Claude Marcourt to give our vision of the future, and based on significant examples, to demonstrate the impact our evolution has had on companies.

For 66 years now Sirris has been the permanent partner for innovation in SMEs and large companies. For the last 20 years it has been helping regional companies from its base in the Liège Science Park in Sart-Tilman, specifically in the following areas: product development, from concept to industrialisation, from conception using calculation and simulation tools, to putting into operational use via innovative technologies, including materials, additive manufacturing, micro-technology, electronic printing, MIM, etc. 

This has been made possible through years of work on creating a hi-tech infrastructure on an industrial scale with test and measurement laboratories, support in IP, while simultaneously actively monitoring technologies. In doing this, the enthusiastic and competent team has been able to continue acting as the preferred partner for SMEs and intensify the collaboration it has with them in order to make better use of resources. 

Would you like to know more about the programme on 18 September? Take a peep at our agenda