Sirris and Agoria will guide you through the digital labyrinth

Can you still see the wood for the trees when it comes to digital transformation? Sirris and Agoria built a Digital Journey Tracker together to help your business get on the right track. Discover what this tool can mean to you on 5 December.

Digital is big and companies constantly hear about terms lile 'IoT', 'big data', ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘growth hacking’, ‘blockchain’, ‘artificial intelligence’, ...

Outsmarting digitisation can create many options to work more efficiently and create added value for the customer and thus strengthen the competitiveness. Digital technologies also allow for new applications and business models. 

But as is often the case, the practical application is different from the theory. Today, many companies are waiting to see what will happen when it comes to taking actual steps towards digital transformation. 

You may recognise yourself in (one of) the following questions:

  • We released a budget for digitalisation, but how can we decide what to spend it on?
  • How can we convert the technological evolution into opportunities.
  • What is interesting for our business situation and where to start? 

Agoria and Sirris listened to the concerns of their members and launched an initiative to help your business on its way. Together they built a Tracker that makes you see the wood for the trees. Several possible digitisation processes explain the options for different types of companies. A few inspiring cases mainly from companies show that a successful digital transformation is not just for the usual bunch such as Apple, Uber and Tesla. We will present this tool to you on 5 December during an exclusive event in Ghent.

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