Selecting the right coating is the first step towards sustainable paintwork

It has emerged from a recent survey that corrosion and protection against corrosion are important issues for many organisations and building companies. Therefore Sirris, BIL and VOM have organised an afternoon workshop titled, ‘Protecting steel structures against corrosion’, which takes place on 26 October. Powder coating specialist HaTwee’s contribution goes deeper into how you can achieve long-term protection.

During the afternoon workshop, taking place within the scope of the ‘Innovations for metal construction companies’ (InnovoM) project, Hans Hooyberg from HaTwee will be talking about how to protect steel structures from corroding using coating systems.

Using a couple of practical examples it will be revealed how there’s a coating system suitable for every kind of application that provides proper metal preservation. Construction engineers can select the most suitable system based on the anticipated lifespan, the nature of the substratum and location where the structure is to be erected. Existing practical guidelines will also be given and a detailed explanation of the following issues: the role of primer, galvanised layers, how things sometimes go wrong, and how they can be anticipated. 

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