Security monitoring in the cloud with 'the Detective'

During the third SeCloud Brokerage Event on data security, which takes place on 29 March, XAOP will present a holistic approach to security monitoring in the cloud.

Brussels' research community engaged in the information security initiative SeCloud will team up with companies presenting their experiences and best practices in a variety of information security topics – from security risk frameworks and privacy law over security aspects of programming languages to post-quantum cryptography, to name but a few.  

Stijn Van Vreckem and Robrecht Dewaele, CEO and CTO at XAOP, will talk about 'Holistic security monitoring in the cloud'.

Migration to the cloud has become common practice for companies dealing with vast amounts of data. However, this data can be rather sensitive in nature, e.g. patient information, payrolls, etc. This means that data security in the cloud is an absolute priority - this is where XAOP comes in. During this talk, XAOP will discuss online data security best practices, particularly in the context of data in the cloud.

XAOP is a software solutions company specialised in helping companies migrate their data to the cloud, focusing on data management, scalability and, most importantly, security. As a part of its security monitoring and risk assessment, the company built the 'Detective'.

The 'Detective' is used to monitor a client-managed list of hosts on an hourly basis for vulnerable SSL configurations and changes in SSL certificate. Potential issues are logged, the security officer is alerted of new issues and can view detailed logs to assess and resolve the security risk.

Do you want to know more about the 'Detective'? Come to the SeCloud Brokerage Event on 29 March!


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