SecureCloud 2016 - Highlights from the premier European cloud security conference

Sirris had a strong presence at this year’s European SecureCloud conference, which was held in Dublin last week. Hosted at one of the landmark sports grounds of the cloud computing capital, the conference was dominated by on- and off-stage talks about emerging EU security and privacy legislation and its impact on the industry. The event also addressed questions of trust and compliance in cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as new and established cloud security frameworks and control catalogues. Below are three of the key concepts that we at Sirris think are important to take away from the event. 

Privacy - and learning how to monetize it

For a significant and increasing number of Europeans, privacy is becoming the number one issue surrounding online services. Upcoming changes to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enforce active protection by defining some new rules and putting end users in control. The respect for privacy - or lack thereof - will therefore be the make-or-break factor for cloud providers and companies building on top of cloud-based services. 

While staying compliant under the GDPR poses a new challenge for data controllers and processors alike, privacy-aware customers will present a significant business opportunity as a new competition battle in the development of privacy-aware services begins. Those who understand how to monetise privacy will be the winners. 

International collaboration to inspire trust in the cloud

As the potential of the cloud for development of highly-resilient systems is recognised, and with the steady push for cloud implementations of critical systems such as those in the health and finance sectors, everyone is on a mission to develop trust in the cloud. Among a plethora of existing certifications and security frameworks, new initiatives emerged from the national information security agencies of France and Germany. These new initiatives aim to unify and simplify control frameworks, and introduce joint cloud security labels for cloud service providers. The hope remains that these efforts will spark collaboration on a wider European level, paving the way for the full realisation of initiatives such as Free Flow of Data and Digital Single Market. 

Security concerns still surround the Internet of Things

With IoT platforms now being offered by virtually every cloud provider, it is clear that cloud is the backbone of IoT. However, IoT endpoints are notorious for their lack of security provisions due to the significant impact of security mechanisms, such as strong cryptography, on the performance and cost of the low-power connected devices. With the potential to generate huge amounts of data and the ability to control critical processes in their environments, IoT devices are in dire need of viable security models to become trusted.

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