Scratch resistant products thanks to organic coatings

With (wet chemical) organic coatings your products can get extra protection, better scratch-resistance and a longer useful life. Daan Dewulf of the Smart Coating Application Lab will explain the application method and its range of applications during the second roadshow, which starts on 12 February.

Coatings that protect a material or product from external influences are ubiquitous. The primary purpose of these coatings is to extend the life of the product or material. Think, for instance, of anti-corrosion coatings for metal structures, wear-resistant coatings for machine parts or scratch-resistant coatings on plastic products. The type of coating that will provide optimal protection will depend on the material to be coated and the conditions of use of the product. In addition, there is a wide range of techniques for applying the coatings to the products. This roadshow will allow you get to know the various industrially-applicable techniques currently available for protecting your products.

Extra protection through (wet chemical) organic coatings

This presentation provides an overview of organic based coatings, their application methods and their range of application for protecting surfaces. The coatings to be discussed are wet-chemical functional coatings, paints, varnishes and powder coatings. You'll discover how the use of additional additives and/or nanoparticles can provide these flexible coatings with additional protection, higher abrasion resistance or longer life.

This lecture will form part of the second of a series of roadshows that the Smart Coating Application Lab has organised to bring the world of coatings to a wider audience, with the theme ‘Protect your coating’. You can find more information here.