Scale-up corporate venturing, getting the most out of corporates and start-ups

Large businesses have the resources, start-ups the innovations: so how can they work together to bring about growth? This will be the key question at the third Scale-up Corporate Venturing meet-up, organised by Sirris and Agoria on 26 April.Why not come along and hear what various inspirational speakers from corporates and start-ups have to say on the subject?

Corporate venturing is a term which covers a wide spectrum of activities and can be divided into three main categories:

  • Corporate venture capital: where established businesses invest in start-ups and scale-ups. This may be done for financial purposes, but often to get access to new technology, know-how and talent.

  • Collaboration with existing start-ups: established businesses invest in incubators and accelerators, organise competitions and hackathons, among other things to get a better insight into new ideas and business models.

  • Internal venturing or incubators: this is a new approach to innovation, with internal or mixed teams within established companies being given the freedom and support to operate like a start-up in order to develop a new service or product.

Matching the approach to the situation 

The approach adopted by an established business depends on a wide range of factors. For example, one-off events, such as hackathons and competitions may help rejuvenate a business culture: but solving real business problems requires strong collaboration in the form of partnerships for co-development and possible investment programmes.

Another criterion might be the speed at which an industrial sector evolves. A study carried out by the Boston Consulting Group, for example, showed that the rapidly evolving financial sector more often invests in accelerators and incubators, whilst it is more common among the more sluggish chemical industry to invest via CV Capital.

Interested to find out how these developments might affect your business? If so, come and join us on 26 April at the Scale-up Corporate Venturing meet-up in Brussels! For more information, check out our agenda!

The event is being organised as part of the Scale-up project, with the support of VLAIO.

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