Safran Aero Boosters uses AM for engine blade production

Liège-based OEM Safran Aero Boosters wanted to assess whether it could produce its turbojet engine blades using additive manufacturing, to be able to limit its material waste. The company asked Sirris for help.

Safran Aero Boosters designs, develops and produces subassemblies, equipment and test stands for aircraft and rocket engines. The blades used in turbojet engines are made from a titanium alloy that is strong and light but hard to machine: up to 90% is lost as shavings when employing traditional techniques. Therefore, Safran Aero Boosters asked Sirris to help it select a suitable additive manufacturing technology in order to produce optimised parts  that comply at least as well with aviation sector standards but with greater ease and less material wastage.

Sirris used its own equipment to produce a series of blades and to demonstrate the feasibility of the project.

You can read on which technology was opted for in the references section of our website!

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