A safer roof rack cargo securing system for vehicles

Sirris has contributed to the development of Rolix, a roof rack cargo securing solution for vans and utility vehicles.

Every year, objects poorly secured to roof racks on vehicles come loose and lead to congestion or, worse, accidents that are sometimes serious, on the roads. 

Frank Burnick, a heating entrepreneur who well understands these problems, had the idea of developing a complete roof rack cargo securing system for vans and utility vehicles to improve road safety. 

Rolix is comprised of an aluminium roof rack, the profile of which contains strapping reels. These are moveable and slide along the rails to the required position. A ratchet lever actuates the winding and tightening of the straps. A telescopic ladder providing access to the vehicle roof completes the system. 

To carry through its innovation process, Rolix called on several partners including Sirris, iol Strategic Design and D-NOVO. 

Sirris was involved in the project from the realisation of the first concepts. Later on, the Centre carried out the strength of materials calculations and the finite element simulation to validate the designs. It verified them by means of prototypes made of sintered polyamide.

These iterative steps were all the more necessary because one of the challenges of this innovative project was to transpose a purely metal concept into an object based on polymer materials. Companies specialised in injection moulding were also selected to supply the plastic parts. 

The Rolix system has now been marketed for some weeks.