automated polishing_Fraunhofer IPT

Would a generally applicable tool help polishing experts when polishing basic shapes and surfaces of one‑of‑a‑kind objects, such as injection moulds? Sirris wants to find out... You can help us and benefit from the results!

With the arrival of the KMR iiwa at our branch in Diepenbeek, Sirris has recently added a cobot 'with arms and legs', again a first for Belgium! This cobot is (temporarily) at the disposal of our experts for the purposes of discovering its potential and for interested companies to test it.


As from today, Sirris will be able to call on the services of a brand new cobot in its Smart & Digital Factory Lab in Kortrijk. Sawyer’s arrival means that businesses can now make more and better use of the extensive expertise and unique infrastructure that Sirris offers them. Companies can now familiarise themselves with this technology, develop and test applications, and evaluate its feasibility for specific challenges.


In order to get the most out of all the machines in its test area, Melexis wanted to find out if a cobot could support the operators to load test handlers. Sirris went to find out.


Can cobots transfer metal work pieces from one machine to another quickly and efficiently? VVS asked this question, Sirris looked for answers by way of an in-depth feasibility study.


Flexible production automation using cobots for example is no hype - it’s necessary. Nonetheless, successful implementation is not that straightforward. We’ve extended our support facilities and know-how for this type of automation at our application labs in Kortrijk and Diepenbeek. Why not start using them now!


Due to recent technological developments, robots and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) are becoming more common, even outside industrial environments. An inspiring example is Octinion's prototype strawberry picking robot.

The Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) unveiled the emergence of a pluridisciplinary and decentralised ecosystem enabling physical interaction with the Internet.

The possibilities with cobots are endless, but where do you start in practice? In the course of a hands-on workshop on collaborative robots (cobots), Sirris advisers will guide the participants through the first steps of a practical assignment. (language = Dutch).

From start-ups to major groups, over 4,000 exhibitors are defining the future at the CES - Consumer Electronics Show.