Respond proactively to new environmental legislation, and keep your lead!

The environmental legislation for products and production processes are changing completely, and not just on a European scale but often also regionally. It is best to act on this in advance as a manufacturing company, by innovatively adapting your processes. You will only benefit from doing so.

If you adapt to new environmental legislation in a timely manner, or even in advance - by innovating - both your processes as well as your products will be ready to go. You will get, for instance, better access to the market, your corporate image will improve, the lifecycle of your product will be extended, and the total cost of ownership will decrease.

On top of this, it is cheaper to adjust your processes in advance rather than needing to change them after the fact just to keep pace with your competitors. Particularly when your products are already in the market – the potential for adaptation is usually very limited at that time.

Compliance is not that easy

Complying to the environmental legislation that affect your products and processes can be a difficult challenge, because they are getting more and more inclusive, complex, and strict. Furthermore, at times legislation is different on a national and regional level. Moreover, the regulations do not always clearly stipulate what domains they apply to.

Managers increasingly have to deal with the impact of strict environmental legislation

As a result, there is an increasing risk that manufacturing companies do not comply to all regulations, and therefore are developing or keep selling products that do not (or no longer) comply with legislation. It is no surprise that the number of non-compliance reports for non-foodstuffs is increasing year by year in the EU, as can be seen in the graph below.

We will help you advance

To ensure that you do keep informed of all new environmental legislation, so that you can react to it with correct technological innovation at the right time, we are building up a new package together with Agoria. For this, we are focusing on technological products with much or quickly evolving legislation. 

Several possible subjects are: 

  • lifts (safety, energy efficiency)
  • heating, cooling, and ventilation (safety, energy efficiency)
  • processing plastics and composites (additives, emissions …)
  • metalworking (safety, energy efficiency)
  • agricultural and horticultural machinery (noise, emissions, energy efficiency)
  • industrial furnaces (energy efficiency, eco-design)
  • industrial automation in, for example, pumps (eco-design, energy efficiency)

Firstly, we will support individual companies with best practices, tools, and methods, so that they can quickly and systematically get and keep an accurate image of relevant legislation.

On top of this, we will spread knowledge aimed at all target audiences. On new legislation, for instance, or on innovative technologies for adjusting products and processes, because the link between the two is often hard to find.

How do you need us to support you?

Feel free to send your suggestions to Thomas Vandenhaute, our own specialist in ecological production, at or by calling +32 491 86 91 71. Or, otherwise, to Dirk De Moor, standardisation expert at Agoria, at

More info on this package will follow in the fall.