Red Lions Coach concludes Manufacturing Day

 A new and exciting addition to the Manufacturing Day programme is the presentation 'Inspiratie en Innovatie uit onverwachte hoek'  by Marc Lammers. With his modern style, the coach of the Belgian men's hockey team Red Lions has his own innovative and successful approach.

Using modern technology and the right coaching methods (which are often quite unusual for his field), he led his teams not only to silver and gold medals, but also to success as world champions.

In his account Marc will explain how difficult it can be to motivate teams and improve performance. It was only through trial and error that he learnt to employ the right coaching methods. Both in training and during the match itself he uses various modern technologies that are not common in his discipline and which he found by thinking out of the box and actively exploring and adopting methods from other disciplines and fields of technology. Using striking examples, Marc explains the advantages of being innovative, how merely copying others doesn't work, how to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, and how much you need others in order to achieve your goal.

Most companies already know that innovation is the key to the future, but where do you start? With the programme Sirris has put together for this edition of the Manufacturing Day, participants can find the inspiration they need to take their first step towards the Factory of the Future.