ETAP, manufacturer and supplier of professional lighting solutions, managed to achieve great results in a short period of time by implementing QRM in various departments - i.e. production, as well as development and sales.

Lead time reduction starts with mapping your lead time. The MCT is a handy tool that lets you quickly map out your lead times and gain insights.

In these times of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we may think that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or an IIoT backbone has become an absolute requirement to digitally connect the office (the ERP) with the shop floor. In this first of two articles we look at whether this is always the case.

POLCA is a people-friendly card-based visual production control system that manages the flow of jobs through the shop floor. The production control method is particularly suited for high-mix-low-volume and custom-engineered products.

Cross-training of employees is a crucial activity for companies that want to reduce their lead time. Despite the many advantages there is often some hesitation to apply it. Digitising work instructions opens up a whole host of new possibilities, such as paperless activities, accurately measurements and monitoring and a considerable reduction in the chance of making mistakes.

Production planning and control is a daunting task for many manufacturing companies. Planning and control problems show up in a low delivery reliability, long lead times and lots of chaos on the shop floor. If you face these problems, then you will probably need to take multiple actions to drive the hectic out. This article looks at improving the production control on the shop floor.

In order to be more competitive, Packo Inox was looking for a way to optimise its production, in order to further improve throughput times and quality. It applied different strategies and recently made the first steps towards QRM, to enable further improvement.

On 22 October Value Chain is organising a half-day hands-on masterclass, which will define Rajan Suri's innovative time-based metric MCT, provide a business case for the use of MCT, and show you how to use MCT Mapping - a powerful tool to identify and communicate improvement opportunities and convince management.

RenewAire is an American company that specialises in energy recovery ventilation units for the residential and commercial property markets. The units are available in more than 20,000 ready-to-use product configurations. A stone’s throw from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where the QRM philosophy was developed by Professor Rajan Suri, RenewAire was one of the first companies to have adopted it.

Fullwood Packo is a manufacturer of cooling tanks for liquids. In order to become more efficient and be more competitive, the company needed a new approach. This was found in the roll-out of the QRM strategy.