PVD masterclass answers practical questions

During the successful masterclass ‘Physical vapour deposition: an answer to your surface problems’, participants familiarised themselves with the state-of-the-art technology from international expert Lars Pleth Nielsen and attended practical sessions.

The sessions of Danish specialist Lars Pleth Nielsen on the subject gave a good impression of the wide range of possibilities PVD techniques offer. At first, a more theoretical session elaborated on the foundations of the techniques, while the second part focused on applications.

Afterwards there was enough time left to continue to discuss the technology and its applications. The audience had numerous questions, which again confirmed the interest physical vapour deposition has stirred. The PVD experts at Sirris comprehensively answered all possible specific questions participants asked. As well, the individual sessions were eagerly used to discuss numerous specific problems.

As icing on the cake participants received a copy of Lars Pleth Nielsen’s book to take home with them. This extensive reference book is perfect for companies who want to know more about PVD techniques.

Sirris organised this PVD masterclass within the framework of the AO-NIB project ‘Hybrid coatings, smart choice for smart products’.

From left to right: Lars Pleth Nielsen, Ine Truijen, Heidi Van den Rul, Daan Dewulf  

This masterclass has been organised with the support of :