The Belgian company Niko based in Sint-Niklaas and renowned for its high quality lighting switches and wall sockets gave one of its injection moulding nozzles to be used as a case study for the 'Precision Manufacturing for new and better products' joint research project.

The second part in the seminar series organised by Sirris and Agoria concerning 'precision manufacturing' was held on 24 June. The theme was ‘manufacturing high quality products using hard materials and the associated challenges and problems’. The host for the day was Niko in Sint-Niklaas - best known for their electrical sockets and light switches - who provided a suitable setting with ample opportunity for networking.

The annual congress of the European Society of Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen) took place in Leuven between 1 and 5 June this year. As in previous years those attending the congress could count on a whole series of captivating presentations, complemented by a poster session covering a wide range of subjects including precision mechanics in (micro) biology and advanced machine metrology.

The 15th euspen conference takes place in Leuven between 1st and 5th of June this year. The European Society of Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen) is an influential body bringing together industrialists, researchers, government departments, as well as new and established global players. Each year the conference attracts around 350 to 400 visitors. Sirris is one of the sponsors.

A successful first roadshow in a series of five on 'precision manufacturing' took place on 22 April. At Asco in Zaventem, 23 participants received an explanation on recent developments within precision production and advanced production technologies. This day's central theme was the rapid production of prototypes and small series, a subject concerning an increasing number of companies.

Under the name "High Precision Manufacturing for new and better products" Sirris and Agoria are organising a roadshow to inform companies about the results of the 'Precision Manufacturing’ project. It is a fascinating journey amongst a number of inspiring industrial companies that have mastered the technologies of precision production to perfection.

On 27 November, Diatool demonstrated that it is possible to mill hard metal (cemented carbide) with precision. In addition to the five milling demonstrations using the Sirris precision milling machine, other applications and types of tools for processing this sort of working material were also shown during the presentation.

Precision in the manufacturing industries is becoming increasingly important. This is why Sirris is organising a workshop about precision processing that will be presented in cooperation with manufacturer Union Tool and distributor Diatool. The workshop is about milling hard metals on a precision milling machine.

On 15 October Etalon demonstrated what precision in production entails. It showed what measuring apparatus can do for machine tools and 3D coordinate measuring machines.

Along with the manufacturer Etalon, Sirris is organizing a workshop on precision machining on 15 October. The presentation includes equipment for the purpose of determining the volumetric accuracy of a milling machine. The event comprises both a theoretical part, as well as a demonstration and explanation of the service.