Practical applications for mobile devices in a production environment

Do you generate a lot of paperwork when executing and following up check-lists and procedures? Do errors regularly appear when completing orders?  Do you have to move around a lot at your place of work in order to keep on top of things? Are visual follow-ups made more difficult because of great differences in contrast? Mobile communication systems and smart glasses in particular can already be successfully deployed in a great number of industrial operating processes. 

Mobile devices are already deployed in practice and have a whole range of different applications and possibilities in production environments, including order picking and distribution, examining check-lists and procedures, 'limited' augmented reality, image improvement, etc.

Smart, mobile devices can perhaps provide you with the right solutions too. Why not gather some inspiration from this application !

Are you also struggling with similar problems? Did you find this interesting and would you also like to consider smart manufacturing? Please contact us whenever you feel you would like to get started: Sirris works with Evolar and Augnition in finding solutions that you can test in practice.

This seminar is being organised within the scope of the AO project 'Snelheid als competitief wapen' and supported by Agentschap Ondernemen and Nieuw Industrieel Beleid.