PlantHive develops smart greenhouse

The start-up PlantHive is operating in the field of hydroponics, which involves growing plants out of the soil, on a neutral, inert substrate and developed a concept for a smart greenhouse. Sirris optimises greenhouse concept for mass production.

The Belgian start-up PlantHive devised a hydroponic greenhouse, where the plants grow on a substrate in a soil-free environment, away from insects and inclement weather. This technique has the benefit of providing full control of the growth process, improving growing times and the taste. 

The concept was appealing, and the initial pre-industrial prototype manufactured by the young designers had proven its worth. All that remained was to ensure it could be mass-produced, and at a reasonable cost. For this industrial-production phase, PlantHive turned to Sirris.

Sirris redeveloped the product with a view to industrial production. You can find further details on this cooperation here.

You will find this success story and many others in the Sirris annual report of 2016.