Is your SME considering applying for a trademark or design at a national, regional (Benelux) or EU level? A new European fund - the IP Voucher - grants a 50 % discount on the basic fee for a trademark or design application since 1 March.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has expanded its suite of online services with an online platform providing free access to comprehensive, unbiased, and structured reports on many patent databases. WIPO INSPIRE will help a range of stakeholders in searching the myriad of patent databases around the world.

When a company innovates, it may find itself up against a patent from a competitor that has a monopoly on the relevant product or process. How can you avoid being blocked?

The BOIP has just added the option to create an NDA online linked to i-Depot.

The WIPO is launching a new online service that provides tamper-proof evidence of the existence of any electronic file in any format at any given time.

About 170 people tested their knowledge of intellectual property through the quiz organised by Sirris.

On the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day, on 26th April 2020, Sirris is organising a short quiz that highlights the different forms of law on IP.

Applications to register Coronavirus and Covid-19 trademarks multiplied in March. What will happen to them?

Patents can teach us a lot about the history of technologies.

The WIPO is collecting insights from businesses on a document setting out issues posed by AI in the field of intellectual property.