People involved in cleantech deserve support


Companies going for cleantech and eco-compliance deserve to be supported in several ways. The impact resulting from such a choice should not be underestimated and is actually essential for the future.

Are you experiencing increased pressure from various sources regarding environmental requirements? You’re not alone! Not only do companies have to meet increasingly stricter regulations nowadays, but they’re also experiencing pressure from the market, and public opinion is also having a clear effect. Those wanting to remain a step ahead in this respect, and therefore the competition, should react proactively and go for an effective eco-compliance strategy.

An example from the metalworking sector

Hybridization of processing machinery is a technological trend that has great potential for reducing the environmental impact. The combination of energy efficient processing technologies (turning, grinding, etc.), with advanced production processes (EDM, laser hardening, etc.), can offer a lot of benefits such as faster production times, lower energy consumption per manufactured item, more efficient use of consumables (cooling emulsions, etc.), and lower investments. 

A striking example concerns a laser hardening case study with a machine cell. It emerged from research that it is up to 40 per cent cheaper when compared to traditional hardening and the hard finishing had a significantly lower environmental impact.

Supported initiatives

Therefore in this respect it pays companies to invest and innovate with ‘cleantech’, which is something that must be encouraged. An example of one type of encouragement offered is the ClimateLaunchpad, Europe’s biggest innovative cleantech competition. VITO is the coordinator for Belgian companies and collects all the best ideas. Students, start-ups, entrepreneurs, researchers and employees who dream of having their own business should submit their cleantech ideas before 1 May. All submissions will be evaluated for their impact on climate change, their growth potential, as well as their competences and enthusiasm. The most promising submissions will be entered into the Climate KIC Accelerator programme aimed at translating great cleantech ideas into strong businesses.

Sirris is also involved with cleantech innovations. In this way the project Eco-compliance supports companies who want to act proactively to these irreversible trends. Do you also want to get involved, but don’t know how to start? Contact us now!