Paumelles Liégeoises reviews its processes and makes efficiency gains

Paumelles Liégeoises asked Sirris to review its production processes and how these were managed. The aim was to find a way of continuing to deliver to its customers in 48 hours while limiting its stock, which had been causing losses for the company. Thanks to a careful review of the production processes efficiency gains could be attained.

For 60 years now, Paumelles Liégeoises has been manufacturing a wide range of metal hinges, many of them in special limited series. The SME is rather special in producing non-standard bespoke models in small, medium and large quantities. It exports 80% of its production. The production method and processes being used by Paumelles Liégeoises were no longer fit for purpose.

Three areas for progress

The SME contacted Sirris to help it to work out what changes needed to be made and then implement them. The challenge was to continue to deliver to customers within 48 hours, without accumulating stock which was causing losses for the company. Sirris guided the company throughout the process, including the very necessary involvement of the 10 members of staff. An expert in quick response manufacturing (QRM) observed the work in the company's workshop, the production flow, and stock levels. She suggested three areas where progress could be made: assembling products on demand, reducing production times and shortening delivery times.

You can read about the result of this project here!

You will find this success story and many others in the Sirris annual report of 2016.