Passion and technique for printing at Lotte Martens

The fashion designer Lotte Martens has been making her own creations since 2007.  Companies as well as private individuals have been turning to her colourful, whimsical and timeless prints. Lotte Martens uses special coatings that allow her to print on materials other than textiles, including tiles. Sirris has been providing her with support for this. 

It all started when a customer asked for a design to be printed on a non-standard tile. This meant that Lotte couldn't use the pre-coated tiles she already had: instead she had to apply the coating herself before making the final touches.

Colouring between the lines 

Because Lotte's design company didn't have this knowledge in-house, together with the Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab, she started looking for the most appropriate solution and optimal application process. "This was something completely new for us", Lotte Martens explained. “Until then we’d never worked with external partners." 

"My passion is about combining technology with design, which also gives us a stronger market position. However, being an SME it's virtually impossible to gather all this knowledge yourself. The government SME portfolio (kmo-portfeuille) made it possible to find partners - or 'believers' - who could help us innovate." » 

In this video, which was made during the first Smart Coating Application Lab roadshow, Lotte Martens talks about the project her design company completed with Sirris.