Participate in European research project about curing

The curing time is often a bottleneck for the use of adhesive bonding technologies, especially but not only for high-volume production applications. For instance, when a bonded component must be transported to other areas of the production site, one should rapidly reach at least the handling strength, also for low-volume production applications. On the other hand, users of adhesive bonding technologies require more and more “de-bonding on demand” functionalities for end-of-life recycling, but particularly for repairing/replacing components during the useful lifetime of the system. 

The new European collective research project “Fast and Stable Adhesive Curing with De-bonding Option” aims to build up the required knowledge for developing and optimising the application of high-frequency field technologies so as to speed up the curing step (of heat-curing adhesives) and enable weakening the bond (de-bonding) when required (end-of-life and for repair purposes). 

Interested to receive more information or to join this project? Please contact Jacky Lecomte ( or Stijn Pauwels (