Overview of the Belgian start-up ecosystem goes viral

Recently, Omar Mohout, an expert in the ICT department of Sirris, posted an extensive overview of the Belgian startup ecosystem in 2014 on Bloovi – a platform that connects all the actors in the digital sector. The article was a real hit.

“Belgium is home to a vibrant, active and fast growing startup scene. Startup Weekends, Hackathlons, Café Numériques, Meetups, Open Coffees, events and workshops are very common in every part of the country. Every town worthy of the description has its own acceleration programme. Co-working spaces are mushrooming. All kinds of mentors are offering their services. There’s so much on offer, it can look like there are more supporting activities than startups, while it should really be all about the gold miners (the startups) not the people selling shovels (the services providers).
Is it all peace and harmony in the land of the Belgians? Not by a long way”.
Thus begins Omar’s article. (The article is in Dutch).

(There is also a French version available in two parts:
http://www.regional-it.be/2014/10/13/lecosysteme-belgique-startup/  http://www.regional-it.be/2014/10/16/ecosysteme-startup-belgique-panorama/)

A finger on the pulse

In less than a month the blog post had been read 22,000 times and shared more than 1,200 times, making it the most shared article on Bloovi.

The results and reactions are impressive but shouldn’t rally be surprising seeing that it delivers a high-quality and largely complete picture of the rapidly-growing Belgian startup scene. It describes the general state of affairs, analyses the current situation, describes Belgium’s position within Europe and lists the companies that have made a large or small name for themselves, as well as initiatives that guide startups, supplemented with information about the importance of ecosystems, communities, co-working, ...

In this strong article, the author Omar Mohout shows just how much knowledge and experience of the world of startups there is within Sirris. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview, including analysis of both strengths and things that need to be worked on.