Optimising the injection moulding process by tackling the release problem

During the injection moulding process, the poor release or 'sticking' of plastic parts to the mould sometimes results in damaged pieces, extra wear on the mould and longer cycle times. It is therefore essential to find a solution for this problem with injection moulded products. Sirris and KU Leuven are joining forces to tackle this common problem. 

As part of a TETRA project, the Plastics Unit of KU Leuven and the Precision Manufacturing and Smart Coatings departments of Sirris will investigate the impact of different surface treatments on the release problem - in particular the effects of textures, coatings and a combination of both. The goal is to have a direct economic impact by reducing cycle time and the ejection force needed.

In TETRA projects great importance is attached to cooperation with the companies that benefit from this technology. The projects therefore benefit from a user group that is able to help direct the research and can even cause a case to be implemented.

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