Optimise the energy efficiency of your production machines

In some applications, the production machines lose more than half of their energy input in bearings. Much of this is a result of the lubrication. However, by adjusting the lubricant flow according to the load, speed and/or environmental conditions, it is possible to obtain greater energy efficiency by reducing the friction.

Flanders Make has a test installation for measuring bearing losses. Using this, it can offer testing to companies for bearings with external diameters up to 150 mm and internal diameters down to 17 mm. It is also possible to check various parameters to examine their effect on friction. In this way, the strategic investigation centrecan test various bearing lubricants in order to find an optimal lubrication process.

The centre can offer companies the following:

  • Theoretical and experimental comparison of various lubrication methods
  • Measure bearing loss for a specific bearing and compare it to other bearings
  • Propose an optimal lubrication flow rate for recirculating lubrication to minimise energy loss within acceptable temperature limits for both the oil and bearing
  • Evaluate the effect of changes on the bearing with regard to efficiency, cooling and mechanical life.

The parameters to be monitored are:

  • Oil temperature: between 15 and 80°C
  • Ambient temperature: between 17 and 30°C
  • Rotation rate: up to 3,000 r.p.m.
  • Angular acceleration: up to 2,200 radians/s² (to test the bearing under rapid vibrations)
  • Oil flow: up to 2,000 cc/min

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