Optical 3D measuring system integrated into a cobot

The EMO fair in Hanover took place recently. The theme this year at the machining trade fair was Industry 4.0. Alicona was showcasing an optical 3D measuring system integrated into a cobot. This allows greater flexibility when measuring products.

With the Alicona measuring system it is possible to make high resolution 3D images so that shape and roughness can be analysed with great accuracy. In theory this could allow for the measurement of products while still in the machine as long as it is possible to manage the conditions (e.g. coolant, access angles, etc.).

Controlling and managing deviations is important in the automation of series of small batch sizes. Alicona used the IF-SensorR25 camera and a compact 6-axis cobot in order to achieve this. The associated software allows simple programming to be carried out without the need for in-depth knowledge of robots or metrology.