Open Company Day, a success story for the factory of the future

On Sunday 5 October, two of the Sirris locations took part in the Open Company Day and introduced themselves and also new machinery to the general public. It turned out better than expected.... There was a big turnout at both Diepenbeek and Seraing. Clear evidence that there’s substantial interest in the factory of the future!

At the Sirris location in Diepenbeek, about 300 people visited the production department of the future with its unique robots. The top attractions were the Baxter robot, the Precision cell and a demonstration of augmented-reality-spectacles. 

The location in Seraing received more than 530 visitors. This coincided with the kick-off for Miniaturisation Week. The main eye-catcher was miniaturisation of course, but the 3D printing technologies and the test laboratories also drew a lot of attention. 

It appeared that the visitors came from all over the region to get a look at the latest innovative acquisitions, although much interest was also shown in the existing infrastructure.  

The visitors' response was extremely positive and the level of interest was high. Naturally it was a real pleasure for the personnel at each of the locations to answer the many questions posed by the visitors and also show those who were interested how things operate each day in the collective centre for industry. The experts at Seraing explained the history of the development of a product using the figure on the Open Company Day poster. It showed those who were present how an idea can grow into a product, then how a prototype is created, a mould is formed, how injection moulding is done and finally how the product is measured and tested. 

Here are some of the reactions we received at the two locations :

"Fantastic to find out about all the different possibilities!"

"From a logical point of view and with extra information, these spectacles would be really useful for simplifying order picking"

"Incroyable de quoi on est capable, tellement petit!"

"Le 3D dans notre maison? Vous-y croyez vraiment?"