Onwards to additive manufacturing in industry

A huge Feder project (5 years) has been launched around additive manufacturing (AM). It is being steered by Sirris and unites seven R&D partners (CENAERO, CRIBC, CRM, UCL, ULB, ULiège & SIRRIS). It is supported by Agoria and the competitive clusters (Mécatech & Skywin)

Its main objectives are to lift the technological barriers to transfer to industry by responding to the needs expressed by companies: 

  • Knowing the characteristics of additive manufacturing products for positioning against conventional techniques
  • Controlling the costs for integration into a production chain
  • Accessing demonstrations and information
  • Accessing training courses
  • Validating the materials
  • Obtaining specifics like lightening, large parts, etc.
  • Producing added value. 

The project comprises several sub-projects and several technical areas. Sirris is mainly providing its mastery of AM equipment, conception and 3D design, as well as its expertise in certain post-treatments and characterisations. 

For more information on this project, please consult the web page (in French) devoted to IAWATHA.