An online, dynamic infographic of start-ups

Sirris, and DataScouts launched an online version of the start-up infographic. The start-up and scale-up database is now available via an online platform that provides clarification, explanations and inspiration for the sectors involved as well as the outside world.

Sirris’s start-up and scale-up database is perhaps the most extensive of its kind to date, covering over 1,500 software companies and start-ups. The online version lets users dynamically tweak various parameters relating to the database and they can view information geographically on a zoomable map.

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The infographic supporting the platform comprises two main parts:

  1. The map pinpointing the companies. Users can filter results by:
    - Location
    - Status: start-up, scale-up, deadpool and acquired
    - Type: B2B or B2C
    - Year founded
    - Industry/sector
  2. A real-time dashboard that serves as a dynamic representation of the infographic. Users can filter information according to the same parameters mentioned above.

By launching this tool, its creators primarily hope to meet the needs of the start-up ecosystem, as well as those of all interested parties (journalists, analysts and policy-makers). It is a treasure trove of information that can be amended dynamically in real time, thus providing plenty of clarification, explanations and inspiration.

The online platform is the result of a partnership between Sirris, and DataScouts, a company that provides software for such visualisations. The data are the property of Sirris.