Véronique Dossogne
Filiep Vincent

Industry 4.0, or Smart Manufacturing, is a subject of considerable debate. But, what’s new on the standardisation front? What does the future hold in this specific field? Would you like to find out which standards are of particular concern to your own activity? Sirris has collected the most important information on Industry 4.0 standardisation, including a list of frequently asked questions on the subject.

Véronique Dossogne

'Umati', the new open standard aims at unifying communication for all machine tools. This will enable user companies to rely on less fragmented solutions and to considerably reduce the commissioning time of new machines. For a machine tool manufacturer, this offers a major and quite unique sales pitch.

Véronique Dossogne

The modern world is increasingly interconnected. Departments and enterprises must be able to share the latest and most accurate information about the production system and its operation. The international standard IEC 62832, Digital Factory Framework, which is currently being updated, provides a common reference for the digitisation of data related to production systems.

Bruno Verlee

A new standard is currently being developed for assessing the risks but also for setting up measures of prevention and protection relative to the processes of additive manufacturing with metallic materials. This document also includes a part dedicated to waste management. It is drafted jointly by the ISO/TC 261 and ASTM F42 technical committees for additive manufacturing.

Véronique Dossogne

Humans use words, diagrams, images, context, sounds, facial expressions or body language to be understood. Machines use data and information models as well as algorithms to manipulate information, and human concepts need to be translated for machine use. A recent white paper offers an assessment of current and future challenges involving semantic interoperability in industrial domains and related industry-based standards.

Véronique Dossogne

The easier machine tools exchange and share information, the more efficient they are. Umati ('universal machine tool interface') is moving one step closer towards becoming a generally accepted standard. It is an open standard for machine tool users throughout the world. It serves to exploit new potentials for manufacturing of the future. The umati Joint Working Group has scheduled a series of meetings and web conferences.

Stijn Lambrechts

Prototyping has become a quite well-known professional event among the people working in product development, prototyping and small-scale production. Another quite extensive programme will be presented on 8 and 9 November by the organiser Kortrijk Xpo, in cooperation with Howest - Industrial Design Center. Sirris will also participate with two presentations.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Stillemans has a long history in producing and marketing thermoplastic profiles for the furniture industry, among many others. The company is now using its expertise for new innovative products and applications. Several areas of application are being investigated in the building trade, for example integration of led lighting.