As face masks for daily use are an essential part of the exit strategy, there is an urgent need for an official Belgian reference document.

In order to deliver reliable measurements, laboratories must have a functional quality management system and meet the requirements of the international ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This standard was recently updated. Sirris, which has various test laboratories, does everything required to comply with this.

The quality of the powders used in additive manufacturing is crucial for achieving good parts. It is the subject of discussions in the standardisation committees.

safety standard

In the manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors there is still ambiguity regarding the safety connected with operating hybrid work cells, where operators and robots work together. Sirris is therefore organising a seminar on 26 September within the scope of Standards Cell Industrie 4.0 to discuss technical safety standards when operating work cells.

'Industrie 4.0' is not a moment in time. A good strategy considers how to use current standards to facilitate change that matters today - and support future evolution. Therefore, the standards cell 'Industrie 4.0' launches its monthly newsletter.

IIot, Industrieel Internet of Things, connectivity

It took years of work involving many key contributors and full participation from champions of the various standards to release in February 2017 the first connectivity framework for the Industrial Internet. The resulting clarity empowers system integrators and developers to evaluate IIoT protocols and communication patterns, and select the best-fit technology for their application.

It goes without saying that as a manufacturer, importer or distributor you have to fully understand the implications connected with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. Application of this Directive is not always obvious in practice when used with the harmonised EN 13445 standard for guidance. Therefore for a number of years now Sirris has offered training courses, which since recently can be customised to suit your company’s requirements. Here’s a brief explanation of the possibilities available by way of an interesting case study.

PED, drukapparatuur, normen

Do you sell, manufacture or import products that can have an internal pressure exceeding 0.5 bar? It is possible that these products must comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive. With one of their customised training courses, Sirris can explain the practical consequences for your company.

Much has been said about Industry 4.0. So what about today's standardisation? Can we use previously published standards as a basis?